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jmeile 07-01-2002 08:51 AM

Changing resolution...
I've searched in the forum, but I've found that you have to edit the XF86Config (in Susse) or XFConfig-4 (in Redhat). I'm working with a 3D visualization program and need to change it to a fixed resoltion whenever the user executes some predefined examples. My idea is to do this from a shell script without asking the user anything. Is there any command that does it?

Thanks in advanced,

fatgod 07-03-2002 11:05 AM

sounds like you've got it sussed, you just have to learn how to script now ;)

jmeile 07-03-2002 11:22 AM

Actually, I've an executable file in a system called IRIX that does it. Somebody else asked me if it's possible to do it in Linux (Susse and Redhat). Unfortunatelly, I don't have the source code of this file. So, I can't figure out how it works.

Has somebody ever made something like this?

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