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boygenuis 10-27-2007 02:59 PM

Changing permissions
I'm running SuSE 10.0 from a Live CD, if that helps. I'm trying to get rwx permissions on a bunch of extras; a USB external HD, my Travel Drive, and my XP partition. Here's what I get when I type in "mount" in the Terminal window for my external HD, Travel Drive, and XP partition, respectively: /dev/sdb1 on media/ SCSIO_VOL1 type subfs (ro, nosuid, nodev, sync, fscntfs, procuid, nls=utf8)
/dev/sda1 on media/ Travel Drive (ro....and so on)
/dev/hda1 on windows/C type ntfs (ro, noexec...and so forth)
Ideally I'd like to have rwx permissions on my root account and the account I normally use for all three of these things. Is that possible?

MS3FGX 10-27-2007 05:40 PM

The Linux kernel can not currently write to NTFS volumes (in any meaningful way, anyway) so they will always be mounted as read only regardless of what permissions you put on it.

If you want to be able to write to an NTFS volume from Linux, you need to use NTFS-3G.

boygenuis 10-29-2007 12:06 PM

Thanks for the input. I am a bit confused, though. For openSuSE, do I download the file that says, "ntfs-3g-1.1004-3.ccj0.i586.rpm" or "ntfs-3g-devel-1.1004-3.ccj0.i586.rpm"? I think it's the former, but I just want to make sure. Again, bro, thanks.

MS3FGX 10-29-2007 08:22 PM

I have not used SuSE specifically, but the general convention is that "*-devel" packages are the source code or header information for a program, used if you want/need to compile other programs against that one (I.E, if you had a program that you wanted to compile which built on top of NTFS-3G's functionality).

But for everyday use, you would use the normal package. So in this case you would want the first package, as you guessed.

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