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apachedude 10-14-2004 03:56 PM

Changing Distros?
I currently have SuSE 9.1 installed in a dual boot with Windows XP, with GRUB as my boot loader. I'd like to delete the SuSE 9.1 partition and install Red Hat Enterprise Edition 3 on it instead. How do I do this without messing up GRUB?

sether 10-14-2004 06:54 PM

since redhat comes with grub, i would just pop in the redhat cd, and install over SuSE while leaving the XP partitions untouched. use redhat to install grub and a redhat/xp dual boot should be setup.

yiang 10-14-2004 08:44 PM

Just install over suse, as long as some bootloader is installed with the new installation, grub or lilo, everything will be find. The new loaded will just take over the previous. I've already replaced countless distros on my second partition with my dualed win xp remaining untouched.

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