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justiceisblind 03-03-2002 05:32 PM

Change from Read only to Read Write File System?
How do I change my filesystem from read-only to read-write. I'm running Zipslack (lame, I know!), and I need a R-W file system so I can connect to the net. After I get an error that says that pppd (Kppp) timed out, I click on details, and it says:

Linux pppd [189]:Can't create lock file /var/lock/LCK.ttyS0 Read only file system.

So, obviously my file system isn't read-write... Or there's a different underlaying problem somewhere. I haven't the slightest clue as to where to start with this one.

DavidPhillips 03-03-2002 06:04 PM

I guess it's on a cd or zip disk?

you can format a floppy with ext2 and mount it on /var

or create a hard disk partition for it.

if it's on a zip disk you should be able to modify /etc/fstab and use the rw option

or make a ram disk for mounting /var

justiceisblind 03-03-2002 06:45 PM's on a fat32 partition on my HD...I'm not confident enough to partition my hd...

DavidPhillips 03-03-2002 07:23 PM

whats in /etc/fstab?

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