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jsaturno 05-29-2017 10:27 AM

Change Apricity OS repositories
Hi guys,

As you may know, Apricity OS has shutted down. I would like to keep using the distro and would like to change the repositories to the ones of Antergos or Manjaro if that is possible. Did anybody try to do something like that? I appreciate all the support you can give me.

hydrurga 05-30-2017 04:11 AM

Hi, jsaturno, and welcome to LQ.

My advice would be to move on and find another distro. You may be able to use Arch repositories instead of the Apricity ones for the non Apricity-specific software, but in the end the distro you are using will no longer be supported so using it any further is not a good choice.

If you like the Arch-related environment, then you should consider installing Antergos, Manjaro or another Arch-derived distro and, if you want, try to theme it as much as you can to look like Apricity. Have a scout around for relevant themes e.g.

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