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CleanSlate 08-02-2003 11:41 PM

CDRW Blanking No GO???
I have 2 CD-RW drives one is a Yamaha CRF-F1E and the other is a Sony
CRX 215E5. I have zero problems burning a CD-R. The problem I do have is when I go to blank a CD-RW I get headaches. I tried a TDK 2X,4X and I also tried a 700mb 80min 12x multi speed memorex. I used X-CDRoast and gnome toaster also. Gnome toaster did a small pop up and told me to check cdrado at sourceforge and the X-CDRoast it will do the blanking but the when you go to mount the CD it come up bad block, wrong media. More or less it just tells me that no, it's not going to work the selection was with Rock Ridge & WIN cross format. If anyone has had the same problem or can shed some light on this let me know.

When I set the Distro's up and the Drives I didn't have a problem until I wanted to use a CD-RW and blank it.

ksgill 08-03-2003 12:00 AM

Blanking the CDRW, use commandline man, its the best
cdrecord -v dev=<your device> speed=<burning speed> blank=fast

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