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texasjailer 06-17-2004 01:33 PM

cd,ing to directory
I have just installed my first Linux, mandrake 10.0 and am trying to load the nvidia drivers. The instructions says to cd into the directory containing the drivers. I downloaded them to home, i have opened a termnial and typed cd then enter, typed sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-5336-pkg1. run and i get a message "verifying achive integrity" error in checksum 611752004, 230898608. What am i doing wrong here, how do you "cd" into a directory. Also wants me to edit the xf86config file, how would i get to this file. i would appreciate any help.

jong357 06-17-2004 01:45 PM

It's telling you the nvidia installer you downloaded seems to be corrupted. When you open up a terminal you will already be in your /home/myusername directory so you shouldn't have to 'cd'.. If it is in your /home directory and not /home/myusername, then do this:

cd ../

that will take you back one directory and into /home, or you could just:

cd /home

'cd' just means 'change directory'. Just download the file again. It sounds as if you have a bad download...

Your 'XF86Config' file is located in /etc/X11.... Browse there with Konqueor or do this in a terminal.

cd /etc/X11 (might as well practice...)
kwrite XF86Config

Then do what is says to do. Put a # in front of load "dri" and change "nv" to "nvidia"... yada,yada,yada... If you browse to that directory with konqueor, just right click on the file and select 'open with' --> kwrite. I assume your using KDE on Mandrake. Gedit is the equivalent for Gnome. Nautilus is the equivalent for Konqueor....

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