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wijnands 04-20-2004 04:35 AM

cd burner question ide/scsi emulation

On my omnibook 6100 GnomeToaster didn't recognize my cd burner.

I then added append="hdc=ide-scsi" to my lilo conf and rebooted.

If I now do a cdrecord -scanbus I see my Matshita drive on scsibus0, device 0,0,0.. The rest of the ids are empty.

However, on my desktop I suddenly have 7 cdrom icons.

Burning goes well although gnometoaster takes some getting used to if you've used nero for years.

Can anyone tell me what I may have done wrong to get this situation and what I can do about it.

jib2 04-20-2004 04:50 AM

If you're using Mandrake 9.2, it's a known bug :
The link gives you a solution.

wijnands 04-20-2004 05:38 AM

10.0 RC1 actually. Tried what that links says and it doesn't help much, in fact the cdrom automount is now broken.

wijnands 04-20-2004 06:27 AM

well, did some more tinkering. It seems that at boot diskdrake detects the change, sees 7 scsi cdroms (scd0-scd6) and feels the need to create supermount points for them all.

Now I'm fairly sure that if I # out some of those in /etc/fstab I should get rid of this.

Edit Yep, that works.

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