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Elbolton 03-06-2002 11:25 AM

can't see man pages

I have avery frustrating problem. I have installed Debian as a fairly minimal install as a learning exercise and now I can't load a text editor to alter any of the config files. I have discovered that I have vi on the system, but i can't get at the man pages to see the instructions for it :-/

I have managed to get locate working, so I can see that they are there and I suspect I need to do something to 'activate' them.

Really very new at this, but i am determined to try and get the thing right from within the system rather than just running through the install to set it up for me.


trickykid 03-06-2002 12:00 PM

just man vi and that should load the man pages for vi...

Elbolton 03-06-2002 12:09 PM

Tried this. If I type:

man vi

I get man: command cannot be found.

Since my last post, I have discovered dselect and can see the stuff i need to install, but it will not see the cdrom, so the stuff doesn't install. As i can't see the man pages, i can't work how to do this!

Oh what a lovely merry-go-round.

I reckon if i can get the thing to see the CD, I will be away. Any help here would be appreciated.

pperon 03-06-2002 12:23 PM

Not being able to edit stuff (ie. config files) just blows. If you're *sure* you have vi installed check out some online refs. Actually come to think of it acid_kewpie as a nice link off his sig that contains a great set of refs. I'd start there, hit the Learning vi link and have at it.

As for your cd try this: 'mount /dev/dcrom' that should mount whatever disk you have in there, so you can 'cd /mnt/cdrom' and get at whatever packages you need.

Hope this helps.


Elbolton 03-06-2002 01:09 PM

Alright :) We are happening. Thanks :D

ryandelany 03-06-2002 11:14 PM

The minimal install in Debian does not install the man utility by default. If you can mount the cdrom, search for the man package. You can use dselect or dpkg to install it.

Since you can't use man, the correct command using dpkg would be:

dpkg -i file.deb

Where file.deb is the man utility on the cdrom.


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