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Warmduvet 09-04-2004 09:24 PM

can't restore minimized windows
Hi When I minimize a window it shrinks down to the bottom right corner never to be seen again. It used to be that whatever programs I was working with would show up in the work space switcher and I would click on the one I wanted to use. Now nothing shows in the work space switcher and I can't see minimized program windows so can't restore them.


DrOzz 09-04-2004 09:31 PM

what desktop environment / window manager are you using ?
kinda hard to give an answer when for the most part they are all different in some way shape
or form ...

Warmduvet 09-05-2004 01:19 AM

Sorry about that posted in a hurry.

RH9, Gnome 2.0, firefox 9.3 and whatever the default window manager that comes with Gnome.


tenbells 09-05-2004 04:02 AM

can't restore minimized windows
Click on your toolbar and select an 'action panel'. When it appears click on the little icon in the top right corner and it should give a list of all your open programs which will allow you to select the one you want to maximize.



DrOzz 09-05-2004 05:50 AM

or just add the "window list" to the "toolbar" and see everything that is opened down
there which i am sure is what you want ...

Warmduvet 09-05-2004 02:51 PM

Thanks DrOzz thats what I was looking for.

tenbells that worked to and was something I didn't know so thanks for that.


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