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absolutal 06-18-2003 03:06 PM

cant resize root thru rescue, auto mounts root dir
Hey guys, i hope someone can help me here.. well i seem to always run out of space on my root dir.. it only has like 400 mb allocated to it and from time to time, i'll get full and i cant even login to gnome. well i've attempted to do what rh site says and put in cd1 and boot up, type in linux rescue. the second i do that, it scans my pc, and i see it reading all the hd's and stuff.. and towards the end i see it says something like - successfully mounted root fs. Now, i thought rescue shouldnt mount ANY filesystems/drives or whatnot if in rescue mode.. however it does mount mine. Well, after all that i go into the linux setup and i choose, skip (for the cd test) and then i choose my keyboard layout. Next it asks about mounting my fs or doing a image or soemthing. I choose skip, and there i am at a prompt. so i attempt to use parted, but with that, i cant seem to change my start point but i can change my end point. which makes no sense. so there i cant resize the partition i need to resize.. next i go thru the whole boot up again and this time i try what rh's site says, mount /proc (which seems to already be mounted), run vgscan, (which only seems to create 2 things that i dont even know what they're there for, /etc/lvmtab and /etc/lvmtab.d),then run vgchange -a y (now i get an err - no volume groups found), and thats as far as i get.. absolutely cant get anywhere.. can someone pleaaaaase help me

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