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newlin 01-16-2003 01:19 PM

Cant print in black only color
How do i set black printing in mandrake 9 .I have a Canon BJ4300 printer .When i try to change the The options only color mode is available .

Is there an alternative driver i can use to the one supplied and auto matically detected .

Does a different distribution eg suse have a better driver perhaps ?

Thanks for any replies !

wapcaplet 02-15-2003 11:06 AM

I have been trying to figure this one out myself. Mandrake 9 and an HP deskjet 920C. It likes to use all four colors (cmyk) to print plain black text, resulting in a kind of greyish-blue...

At first I suspected OpenOffice, since that's what I print from most often, but after changing its setting to "print in black only", it kept doing it. So maybe it's a problem with CUPS, or as you said, the printer driver.

I think I may try getting the driver from HP rather than using the Mandrake-supplied one... I remember having better results with that. Don't know if you'll be able to find a similar one for your Canon though.

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