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JZL240I-U 07-09-2004 07:26 AM

Can't mount LVM-directories (lost /-directory)
I lost my root directory (dunno exactly why, have not yet got it back, if you are interested look here). Physically adjacent on the disk are the physical volumes in the logical volume group "vg".

When I try to mount those like from /etc/fstab (which is not executed due to file-system root troubles) for a data rescue mission with

mount -t reiserfs /dev/vg/home /home
I get an error like "No valid block device".

What could be the cause and how could I get it mounted after all?

Thanks for any help :).

JZL240I-U 07-12-2004 07:03 AM

Well, during my attempts to repair the prevailing state (of disarray ;)) the situation steadily worsened until I saw the first kernel-panic of my Linux-life and no chance to get out of that. :(

I'll re-install the system on ext2 (not Reiser) and forego LVM -- now and in the next future.

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