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teabag 10-15-2009 08:03 AM

cant load adobe flash. Have asus eeepc running linux, i am a complete newbie
have downloaded adobe but wont install

kyphi 10-15-2009 06:35 PM

Would you provide more information please.

What operating system do you have on your eeepc? Linux what?

What is the name of the Adobe file you want to install?

What error messages are you getting?

teabag 10-16-2009 08:04 AM

Cannot install package install_flash_player_10_linux.deb. Please, check your installation and try again.

how do i tell what linux i have ty

schneidz 10-16-2009 11:49 AM

what happens when you use firefox to install flash for you ?
does it not perform the install automatically.

teabag 10-17-2009 04:53 AM

ok lets start at the start:)

i go to adobe and start download and save in my doc's, once download is complete it wont open and i get above message (previous post).

Thank you for your time

kyphi 10-17-2009 08:07 PM

To identify what operating system you are using, open a terminal and type (followed by Enter):

cat /etc/issue


lsb_release -i

tredegar 10-18-2009 06:27 AM

See How to install Adobe Flash Version 10 on your eeePC.

teabag 10-23-2009 05:09 AM

Thank you thank you thank you all done and dusted ty

callumacrae 10-23-2009 05:59 AM

You should probably mark this thread as read (thread tools, mark thread as read)

By default the ASUS Eee used Xandros.


callumacrae 10-23-2009 06:04 AM

Just noticed that you have your distribution set as "what the" lol :)

Your distribution is what Linux you are using. As you are using the ASUS Eee this would be Xandros.

Sorry for the off topicness :)


kyphi 10-23-2009 11:09 PM

Just for general information:

The first Eee PC, the 701 was released with the Xandros operating system in Australia.

In the USA the Eee PC could be bought with Ubuntu.

Eee PCs in Australia now only come with Windows XP. Asus Australia claims that there is no market for Linux-powered Eee PCs.

There are two Eee PCs in my household, both are running Ubuntu Netbook Remix, the original operating systems having been wiped out.

callumacrae 10-24-2009 07:37 AM

Yeah the new Ubuntu Netbook Remix is much better than Xandros. I never knew that it was possible to get them with Ubuntu preinstalled though.


kyphi 10-24-2009 08:02 PM

@Callum: Asus only offered the Eee PC with Xandros and later Windows XP. Individual retailers, realising the shortcomings of the Xandros system converted them to Ubuntu and sold them on at a similar retail price. The same applies to any other brand of netbook or laptop - you can buy these with any operating system you desire - you just have to know where to shop. There is a Linux market but many computer manufacturers appear to prefer to stay mainstream.

bullbusbutt 09-05-2010 02:34 PM

Guys Help
I too have a Eee Pc I posted the same Question last night about not being able to update to flash player 10 If anyone here can A,explain what the terminal is and B,step by step guild me without the jargeon Id really really be greatfull.

Email me if you wish

I really need help :cry:

tredegar 09-05-2010 04:08 PM

I have an eee701-4G, it is the very first model, but still works just fine.
The "linux" it came with was "Xandros", which IMHO is / was seriously broken.

I am now running ubuntu 9.10 on it, and am very happy.
I will, one of these days, install ubuntu 10.04 on it, but everything is working, and I tend to be lazy.

These links will help you (but will take a few hours reading to understand all the good things that are available for your EEE):

Have fun.

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