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Henkan 08-25-2003 07:54 PM

Can't install gcc

I am trying to install gcc from the package utility in RH8. I get an error message that the following packages, that the installation is dependent upon, could be be found:

openssl = 0.9.6b-29
openldap = 2.0.25-1
cyrus-sasl = 2.1.7-2
glibc = 2.2.93
krb5-libs = 1.2.5-6

I can't find these in the package browser. How do I install them?



DrOzz 08-25-2003 08:03 PM

ok hold on....i dont' know if you made a typo or if what you said is what you mean so i am going to try and pick this a part...
you say you get an error message when trying to install gcc, and that its because of dependancies, and now this is where i get say "could be found"
it don't make sense cause if they say they could be found but in turn you say they are dependant on installing gcc, but if they are found then you shouldn't need to install them, and you shouldn't have seen any message, and then you say you look for them in a package browser, which you couldn't find, and you want to install them, but then i think again that you say they could be found....
that sounds like a lot of mumb0jumb0 to you probably (as it does to me) but this is what i interpret when i read your can you just re-post one more time, clearify what you meant....

somone else may not see what i am seeing and they may just answer you, but if you can repost it then that would be great....

but just to leave you with something, i am going to guess :D
i am going to assume you meant that they are dependancys and are needed and you don't have that'll mean you'll have to install them...but before you run and do that, check and see if they are install by using this command for each and i'll use the first two as examples...type the following:
rpm -qa | grep -i openssl
and repeat like so
rpm -qa | grep -i openldap
etc, etc....
continue to do that for all 5 packages and see if you get any results...if not, then go to somewheres like
and type in the package names and download them and install them...
again i am guessing that this is your problem, as you kinda confused me, but if i am on the right track then do the following and post how far you get until you get stuck again :D (only if thats the case )

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