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jimdaworm 09-02-2003 04:03 PM

Cant find your tv tuner/capture card on the CARDLIST?
If you cant find your TV/Capture card on the card list (To set your /etc/modules.conf) have a look at this site it has pictures of quite a few boards and I was able to find a board that is exactly the same as my one, although had a completely different name, looked it up in the CARDLIST and put the card number in my modules.conf and now xawtv works!

Just wanted to share this with anyone else who might be stumped I spent over a week trying to find some info on my card but there is nothing on Zaapa TV Captures cards

DrOzz 09-02-2003 09:24 PM

sweet :p .... my msi tv@nywhere is not supported, well it kinda is, but the project that is being worked on only outputs black and white...
i see the picture of my card there, and if this works then i thank you sooo much for coming and posting this page :D
actually i was just looking at it again, and it doesn't have all that stuff under my card like it does for others..
all it has is:

chips: cx23881, TDA9880T, Jaecs IRDC357-M 208KL , 74hct4052d
 Tuner: Microtuner, perhaps a MT2032

so maybe its still not supported...but i will definetley keep this page bookmarked...
thx man :D

jimdaworm 09-03-2003 12:41 PM

Good luck!
Hey it worked for me I cant find any info on my card but I just pulled it out of my computer and compared it to the photos on lots of them it even says codes for chips which are and arnt on the board. If you cant find yours there there must be other sites with pics like this, its just the only one I have seen so far.

Does your card have a fcc ID? I coudnt even find one on mine! :eek:


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