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Merab Sethi 07-10-2020 05:55 AM

Can't Configure New Network Connection Manually
Hi, I have been trying to manually configure a network connection but when i am trying to execute the ' ifdown ' & ' ifup ' command it is giving me the error I have shown bellow.

[merab@localhost ~]$ sudo ifdown enp0s8
Error: '/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-enp0s8' is not an active connection.
Error: no active connection provided.

berndbausch 07-10-2020 07:34 AM

This sounds like RHEL or Centos. Can you share your distro and version?

Guessing: Your version of ifup/ifdown uses NetworkManager, which in turn uses the concept of "connection". You don't have a connection for enp0s8, thus the error.

I believe you can replace ifup/down with a different version, but it depends on your particular distro whether that is advisable.

Merab Sethi 07-10-2020 09:12 AM

Thank you for responding. Yes my distro is RedHat and the version is 8.

berndbausch 07-10-2020 09:24 AM

I would use nmcli in this case.

First, list your connections and list your devices.

nmcli con
nmcli dev

Normally, you can bring a connection up with nmcli con CONNECTION_NAME up. However, your device might be unmanaged, or there may be other conditions that prevent you from doing this.

I suggest you read Red Hat's documentation, in particular

michaelk 07-10-2020 09:52 AM

Network scripts are deprecated in RHEL 8. Networking is completely controlled by Network Manager with ifup/ifdown actually calling nmcli. In addition to the Redhat documents

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