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n0va 10-31-2003 04:14 AM

Can't boot into Windows
I have a 40GB harddisk, partitioned into two 20GB partitions. My first partition is NTFS formatted and has WinXP. My second was newly installed with Mandrake 9.0. I chose the LILO graphical bootloader and everytime I try to boot into Windows it says "Disk read error" or something similar and asks me to press Ctrl+Alt+Del. Is it just me or LILO cannot support booting into NTFS?
If so, any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
Anyway, how do I uninstall Linux (no insults intended)?
How do I change my bootloader back to the WinXP bootloader, and how can I configure it to boot into Linux when I want to?
Your help is much appreciated.

Looking_Lost 10-31-2003 04:56 AM

Before you try and change the bootloader check your /etc/lilo.conf

for a line like

other = /dev/hda1
label= windows (or whatever)


fdisk -l

to see what partition is NTFS though it'll probably be hda1

and if you're sure other = the right partition run the command


and see if it gives any errors

Don't know about setting up windows boot.ini but info shouldn't be hard to google on and find

porous 10-31-2003 05:22 AM

try what looking_lost said , and still if you think you want the xp bootloader.
put the xp install cd , log into recover mode
then give

this will give your xp bootloader back...

n0va 11-03-2003 04:23 AM

Thanks a lot. I appreciate the help that you gave to a n00b.
How do you configure the XP Bootloader (the boot.ini file) to load into Linux ? Do you just like add a line like

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\LINUX="Linux Mandrake 9.0" /fastdetect

or what do you have to add ?
By the way, which version of Linux is Mandrake 9.0 and which NTFS driver should I download ?

iLLuSionZ 11-03-2003 04:26 AM

hey gimme that line for redhat 9.0 so i can addd it to my boot.ini :) i wasnt sure how to do it...

n0va 11-04-2003 02:36 AM

Just add something like

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\REDHAT="Linux Red Hat" /fastdetect

where your "disk" is the hard drive, partition is the partition with Red Hat and I think that will suffice.

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