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khuhtala 06-18-2009 02:14 PM

Canon LBP 5050: any chance?
By accident I bought Canon i-sensys LBP 5050 printer to use with my Fujitsu-Siemens with AMD64bit running Ubuntu. I have noticed that there is no support for this very printer. Does anyone know any workaround?

John VV 06-18-2009 02:36 PM

Can you return the printer ?

Cannon has VERY little support for linux ( the drivers that are around have been , for the most part, made by users )

NeddySeagoon 06-18-2009 03:20 PM


This page may help a little. Its for the LBP-5000. It doesn't look too good.

Zup 06-18-2009 04:41 PM

The good news are that Canon has official drivers for some CAPT LBP machines (cheaper machines, mine is a LBP2900). Some other printers are PCL or PS machines that can run on generic drivers.

The bad news are that LBP5050 is not supported yet (but it may work with other driver, or may be supported later), and that AMD64 is not officially supported. You'll need some ia32 libs installed, and you'll need to install both packages with dpkg -i --force-architecture (at least, in latest releases they ship .deb packages).

Pentti Poytakangas 04-02-2011 06:31 AM

this way lbp5050 slack64-13.1
get source

$ sudo /etc/rc.d/rc.cups restart
$ sudo /usr/sbin/lpadmin -p LBP5050 -m CNCUPSLBP5050CAPTK.ppd -v ccp:/var/ccpd/fifo0 -E
$ sudo /usr/sbin/ccpdadmin -p LBP5050 -o /dev/usb/lp0

$rpm2tgz cndrvcups-capt-2.20-1.i386.rpm
$rpm2tgz cndrvcups-common-2.20-1.i386.rpm
$rpm2tgz cndrvcups-capt-2.20-1.x86_64.rpm
$rpm2tgz cndrvcups-common-2.20-1.x86_64.rpm

#installpkg cndrvcups*.tgz

#mkdir /var/captmon

#mkdir /var/ccpd

#mkfifo /var/ccpd/fifo0

#chmod 777 /var/ccpd/fifo0

#chown root /var/ccpd/fifo0

#chmod -R a+rx /usr/share/cups/model

#/etc/rc.d/rc.cups restart

#/usr/sbin/lpadmin -p LBP5050 -m CNCUPSLBP5050CAPTK.ppd -v ccp:/var/ccpd/fifo0 -E

#/usr/sbin/ccpdadmin -p LBP5050 -o /dev/usblp0

#cp /etc/init.d/ccpd /etc/rc.d/rc.ccpd

#chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.ccpd

#pico /etc/rc.d/rc.local
/etc/rc.d/rc.ccpd start

#start ccpd

#/etc/rc.d/rc.ccpd start


ccpdadmin [-p Printer-name -o Printer-dev-path]
ccpdadmin [-x Remove-Printer-name]

CUPS_ConfigPath = /etc/cups/
LOG Path = None
UI Port = 59787

Entry Num : Spooler : Backend : FIFO path : Device Path : Status
[0] : LBP5050 : ccp : /var/ccpd/fifo0 : /dev/usblp0 :

captstatusui -P LBP2900

Krabor 05-23-2017 07:46 AM

At a slight loss here.
I am on Mageia 5 with a Lenovo G580 laptop. I have all the downloads and have installed the cups system from the repositories. Did all the read ups I could find until now, but still fail to make things work.

I have done the
urpmi cndrvcups-capt-2.20-1.x86_64.rpm
urpmi cndrvcups-common-2.20-1.x86_64.rpm commands. Mageia is rpm based, urpmi is a contributed command.

The first line in Pentti's post means that rc.cups should be on the system. I cannot even remotely find it.


[root@localhost /]# locate rc.cups
[root@localhost /]# find rc.cups
find: ‘rc.cups’: No such file or directory
[root@localhost /]#

Seems I need to find the correct sequence of actions. This relates to cups-pdf as well.

Any ideas much appreciated, thanks.

AwesomeMachine 05-24-2017 01:13 AM

At the bottom of this p[age are linux drivers:

Krabor 05-24-2017 05:10 AM

Not working.
Thanks, but the unzipped folders give you this;



It is a requirement that your version numbers are the same.

Got this from previous downloads; v2.20 & v2.60, on other sites.

My problem lies in dealing with the command line. Did read Bill Shotts' unusual approach on that subject. Further info at This was really very helpful. However; when I do as suggested in these and other posts, I do not get the desired results. I am definitely missing something. What?

Read several other Introductions to Linux. All the same, not a word on the nitty gritty. Then found this site with some install instructions that make sense.

Will try it. Will post, Thanks.

AwesomeMachine 05-25-2017 09:22 PM

OK, so you're saying no one can use the Linux drivers because they're not the same version. That doesn't sound right. Why would Canon do that? There must be something else afoot.

You can convert rpms to debs with alien. Or. you can unwrap the packages with rpm. Let's be serious! It simply can't be that no one can use those drivers!

Krabor 05-25-2017 11:25 PM

Seriously, no jokes here.
This comes form a pdf published by Canon;


5. Cautions, Limitations, and Restrictions --------------------------------------
- Ghostscript which includes common API is required to use this printer driver.

Make sure to install Ghostscript before installing this printer driver.
Refer to the following URL to find out how to get Ghostscript.

- If you install "cndrvcups-common" package version 1.80, make sure you install
the same version of the "cndrvcups-capt" package, i.e. 1.80.

Before this, as I said, when doing urpmi on v2.20 and v2.60 in Mageia 5, the same caution was mentioned.

When I did the urpmi on cndrvcups-capt-v2.71 it stopped the install process, complaining the cndrvcups-common-v2.31 is incompatible. Period. I saw this difference beforehand and thought; OK, seems they must have matched it up and found it OK. Not so.

I do not think there is anything sinister in having need to use the same versions in apps. Their common cups is OEM for the universal cups system and the capt cups, also OEM, would link the printer to the universal system. Makes sense. Also makes sense that a developer would upgrade linked software like this in tandem. How would you execute a development philosophy such as this? Take into account that you have a commercial company in fierce competition with others to take care of. No stake in Canon here, though. Just thinking.

Posts here and elsewhere show that Canon had few Linux drivers just 5-6 years ago. Now the place is awash in them. Just in the last week saw some 1.4 something MILLION downloads! Power of Linux, what! Just shows to go ya.

Peace, bro.

I stand corrected. Went to that URL; Got some wake up call!! In 2008! all sorts were available for all sorts of Linux OS's. But that just puts the point to it. Canon does have a substantial company policy. You cannot fool all the people all the time. Canons work like wire pliers all the time.

AwesomeMachine 05-26-2017 12:28 AM

Maybe you could just let Canon know that the driver they have for download on their site cannot be used, and they should make it so it can be used. I don't have that printer. But if I did I would definitely notify Canon of an unusable Linux driver.

Krabor 05-27-2017 02:44 PM

Good point.
Yes, I will do that. Otherwise their printers are top notch. Had several from bubble jets to lasers.

On another level.
Made the mistake of not installing Ghostscript before doing the Canon installs. Then "uninstalled" the Canon drivers as shown on their Readme to re-install after doing GS. Then urpmi notified me that these drivers are already installed. I know it is possible to go ahead and delete any and all things Canon in the directories, but that does not take care of the dependencies and such like. No good way to run a system.

Also as part of learning how Linux works, how do I do this, that is uninstall, correctly? That would be first choice, but if I have to re-install Mageia, then so be it. Easy and quick enough to do.

Went back and checked my work;


[root@localhost OEM]# cd /

[root@localhost /]#  /usr/sbin/ccpdadmin -x cndrvcups-capt-2.60-1.x86_64.rpm

 CUPS_ConfigPath = /etc/cups/
 LOG Path        = None
 UI Port        = 59787

 Entry Num  : Spooler        : Backend        : FIFO path                : Device Path        : Status

[root@localhost /]#  /usr/sbin/ccpdadmin -x cndrvcups-common-2.60-1.x86_64.rpm

 CUPS_ConfigPath = /etc/cups/
 LOG Path        = None
 UI Port        = 59787

 Entry Num  : Spooler        : Backend        : FIFO path                : Device Path        : Status

[root@localhost /]# /usr/sbin/lpadmin -x cndrvcups-capt-2.60-1.x86_64.rpm
lpadmin: The printer or class does not exist.
[root@localhost /]# /usr/sbin/lpadmin -x cndrvcups-common-2.60-1.x86_64.rpm
lpadmin: The printer or class does not exist.

[root@localhost /]# urpme cndrvcups-capt-2.60-1.x86_64.rpm
unknown package: cndrvcups-capt-2.60-1.x86_64.rpm
[root@localhost /]# urpme cndrvcups-capt-2.60-1.x86_64.rpm
unknown package: cndrvcups-capt-2.60-1.x86_64.rpm

[root@localhost LBP]# cd /home/caldon/Executives/Canon/LBP/OEM; ls
cndrvcups-capt-2.60-1.x86_64.rpm  cndrvcups-common-2.60-1.x86_64.rpm
[root@localhost OEM]# urpmi cndrvcups-capt-2.60-1.x86_64.rpm
Package cndrvcups-capt-2.60-1.x86_64 is already installed
[root@localhost OEM]# urpmi cndrvcups-common-2.60-1.x86_64.rpm
Package cndrvcups-common-2.60-1.x86_64 is already installed
[root@localhost OEM]#

And an error correction. The cndrvcups-common version is 3.21, NOT 2.31.

AwesomeMachine 05-27-2017 06:15 PM


$ urpme ./cndrvcups-capt-2.60-1.x86_64.rpm
Also, you probably need some switches for urpme to install the rpms. I don't have mandriva. But you could view the man page:

$ man urpme

Krabor 05-28-2017 03:56 AM

Thanks, will do.
Pascal Rigaux authored the urpmi package manager for Mageia. Mageia is rpm based. This is very similar to the Redhat rpm manager and as full featured. The commands are urpmi (install), urpme (remove), urpmq (query) and so on. And, as you said, there are options (switches). In fact reason for being careful as in the Windows mess. Things not being cleaned up properly, not to compare Linux to that.

If I do;

locate cndrvcups-capt-2.60-1.x86_64.rpm
after having uninstalled, nothing is found except .tar.gz files in my Downloads directory. That could then mean there is some switch left somewhere for urpmi to pick up. Bygone memories of AllocMem() and related issues on the old Amiga A500. Unix machine. Must be. Bought mine in 1987, before Windows 3.1. Colour screen, Workbench, mouse and so on.

Just seriously averse to crashing computers. Back ups no issue. Resent wasted down time for repairs.

But thanks again. I will win this.

AwesomeMachine 05-30-2017 02:20 AM

I think it's worthwhile to learn the operating system. The package manager should not remove the rpm file itself.

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