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Person_1873 06-06-2008 03:06 AM

cannot write $(HOME).dmrc file home is on a seperate partition
i installed ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop and partitioned the drive to have 2 partitions, one mounted on / the other mounted on /home, i made the / partition too small and so web browsing became an issue as the /tmp folder wasnt big enough, i shrank my home directory inflated my / directory and created a third partition on my hdd which is now mounted as /tmp, now when i boot, i can't graphically login with my user account, i get the error, $(HOME)/.dmrc file can't be written and that my home directory should only be accessible to my user account and no-one else, it says it should have 644 permissions, when i chmod my home directory /home/"user" to 644 (from my root account) it doesnt solve anything! please help

irishbitte 06-06-2008 05:13 AM

file locking issue?

knudfl 06-06-2008 05:07 PM

Something has gone completely wrong (by resizing ??)
No directories can be 644 >> means no access ? (775 would do)
I would reinstall, other things can be wrong too.
Why a separate /tmp ??


Person_1873 06-10-2008 01:17 AM

because when i install stuff on my / directory it would also take space from /tmp thus why i made a 2GB /tmp partition

Person_1873 06-10-2008 01:17 AM

i don't know what i did but it seems to be fine now, thanks

Person_1873 12-07-2008 02:41 PM

i had this same issue pop up again, i fixed it by changing the permissions of that file to 777 permissions from the root account and then made them 644 from my user account

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