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snatale1 08-21-2003 09:58 AM

Cannot install developmental tools!
I'm trying to install my developmental tools, when I put in my first cd it autoruns I check the d-tools box to add them and get the message

Packages not found


I found the on the RHN page but the #'s on the end are higher (just newer vers right?) anyways still nothing works shouldn't the install cd's
have these since it was an option? also why is it i get alot of RPM's that just won't run or do anything for that? some have gone right in and some don't.

I've read on other post how some people don't like RH for various reasons and also hate RPM's. I'm assuming this is why. I figured when I bought RH since theres so many different distros and this ones in stores maybe it slightly more stable or something..what do i know. If picked a crappy distro someone tell me. I'm having this missing file problem on a few different apps gettin pretty anoying ya know?

fancypiper 08-21-2003 10:20 AM

apt4rpm or Red Carpet make living with rpm dependencies much easier IMHO.

# Red Hat links
Red Hat Linux Manuals
Get your mp3 support here
Maximum RPM
Easier software management: apt4rpm - Red Carpet
Red Hat 8.0 Tips & Tricks

# Red Hat 7.3 down configuration commands
setup leads to several configuration tools

# Red Hat 7.3 up configuration commands
Configure soundcard:
Configure X server:
Configure network:
Manage software:

# Handling NTFS
New Technology FileSystem (NTFS) HOWTOs
Linux NTFS project

# Guides to software management
LNAG - How do I install a program I downloaded from the Internet?
Rute Guide's software explanation
You might want to check out CheckInstall to manage source code installations/uninstallation

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