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thepugslo 05-01-2009 01:15 PM

cannot get nvidia driver for 7000m(notebook) fx card to work in debian 5.0.1
i have tried looking in package manager and no luck, i went to nvidia site and downloaded the correct file( and when i attempt to run it by typing sh in terminal it tells me theres no such file or directory....

am i downloading it wrong or am i tying to type the wrong code?
i do not have a driver disc cause it was preinstalled in my laptop...

also, how do i go about making a user root? i have to log out of my user name and log into root just to run ANYTHING sudo in terminal.

if possible can somebody link me a how to get your debian up and running guide? i really dont want to have to waste precious threads cause im completely new to linux and cannot even get a driver to work on my own

thanks in advance!!

serafean 05-01-2009 02:33 PM

hi, to become root just type su or sudo in your terminal. (adding your user to the wheel group or modifiyng the sudoers file)
your file needs to get execute permissions : chmod +x NVIDIA... (best run as root)


thorkelljarl 05-01-2009 06:28 PM

Just the terminal?

You need to use the terminal as root to enter the console mode with the command "init 3". Thereafter, log in, become root and run "sh" Init 3 stops the X server.

It is easiest if the Nvidia file is in /home, the default for login. The command will launch "nvidia-installer" to configure your graphics card. After the process has concluded, type "init 5" and X will restart See this if you have not read it yet.

There is also a man nvidia-installer

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