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uncle-c 10-07-2008 06:42 AM

Cannot get into KDE from KDM login manager as regular user.
Hi there,
I've been running PCLOS2007 for almost a year now with absolutely minimal problems.
Then totally out of the blue I tried logging into my PCLOS2007 box at the KDM login manager and was stuck at the tail end of splash screen sequence. The "pointer" is present though and I can move it about as normal with the mouse. When I reset the server using ctrl-alt-backspace I briefly saw my desktop and all its icons for a split second before going back into the KDM Login manager.
I can login as ROOT with no problems.
So what I done was to login as regular user again ( user zod) and when I reached the "freeze stage"
I opened up a regular console using ctrl-alt-F2, logged in as root and went into the /home/zod directory to have a look at the.xsession-errors file. Here is the output.


s2u: cookie for :0 = 'af0994df4db06ca237ca0255b8a7e0db'
Error: "/home/zod/.kde/socket-PCLOS2007" points to "/tmp/ksocket-zod" instead of

startkde: Starting up...
kbuildsycoca running...
QObject::connect: No such signal Kicker::settingsChanged(SettingsCategory)
QObject::connect:  (sender name:  'kicker')
QObject::connect:  (receiver name: 'animtt')
ASSERT: "!name.isEmpty()" in ./kio/kio/kdirlister.cpp (969)
Error: "/home/zod/.kde/socket-PCLOS2007" points to "/home/zod/tmp/ksocket-zod" instead of

SIOCETHTOOL: Operation not permitted
SIOCETHTOOL: Operation not permitted

Now it seems clear that

Error: "/home/zod/.kde/socket-PCLOS2007" points to "/tmp/ksocket-zod" instead of


is the problem. But the directory /home/zod/tmp is linked to /tmp so socket-PCLOS2007 when pointing to /tmp/ksocket-zod should also point to /home/zod/tmp/ksocket-zod should it not ?
Are there some linkage problems here ? I've checked the permissions of the files and directories and the ones for root are identical to the ones for user zod.
Like I said before I have no problems getting into KDE when user root.

Any cures ?


GlennsPref 10-07-2008 07:18 PM

Hi, you may need to refresh (check) the system links.

ldconfig and symlink come to mind.

ldconfig scans a running system and sets up the symbolic
links that are used to load shared libraries properly.

It also creates /etc/ which speeds the loading
programs which use shared libraries. (from rpm description)

              # /sbin/ldconfig -v
      will set up the correct links for the shared binaries and  rebuild  the
              # /sbin/ldconfig -n /lib
      as  root  after  the installation of a new shared library will properly
      update the shared library symbolic links in /lib.


symlinks  symlinks -csrv /(dir)

Linux "symlinks" is a handy utility for managing symbolic links.
It can clean up the sort of problems that come from carelesness
when creating symbolic links. For purposes of illustration,
I created some legal but structurally incorrect symbolic links.
With the exeption of the "dangling" sl3 (a dangling symlink points
somewhere that does not exist), these all work, but they have problems,
and "symlinks -v" will show us:

$ symlinks -v -s .
messy:    /home/tony/varwwwmess -> /var//www
dangling: /home/tony/sl2 -> ../incoming
lengthy:  /home/tony/sl3 -> ../tony/incoming
other_fs: /home/tony/varwww -> /var/www
absolute: /home/tony/vhosts -> /home/httpd/vhosts/
relative: /home/tony/webby -> vhosts/

You may well have these system-base packages installed.

use man (package-name) or info (package-name) in case the distribution

that you use has modified it's purpose.

Cheers, Glenn.

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