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fritz_p 05-07-2009 03:16 PM

cannot burn iso image with k3b: cdrom doesn't realize blank dvd is inserted

I cannot burn an iso image with k3b.
The dialog of k3b tells me to "insert an empty DVD+-R(W) medium".
However, when I do this nothing changes.

When I insert the blank dvd this computer doesn't ask me if I want to do something like burn something with k3b, (as is the case with another computer running on SuSE 10.3 with kde).
Therefore I don't expect to be able to burn the old way either, with cdrecord.
(on windows burning cd/dvd used to work on this computer).

I am running a SuSE 11.0, with gnome.
It might not have enough space? It doesn't tell me so.
With the image my /home is at 99%, but I have 1.4G free on /

Actually the original installation did not have an entry in /etc/fstab for the dvd / cdrom, and non-empty cds and dvds where opened, but I could not eject them easily.

thanks in advance.
I always feel like I should be able to solve these problems myself, but then again if an interface takes care of everything then it is hard when something breaks up.

Tinkster 05-07-2009 03:29 PM

if you add a line for the device to fstab HAL (which gnome & kde rely
on for autodetection) won't pick them up. Remove then line, and it
should work again.

Work on the eject problem separately.


fritz_p 05-07-2009 11:35 PM

thanks for your fast response!

I am ashamed to say that the problem lied in the device: its CDRW/DVD , so it doesnt write dvd's as I thought!
A look at the Setup Devices of k3b solved my problem.
I guess k3b gets it right.
I will probably cut the iso image in pieces, shift to my newer machine and burn it there.
One day the two computers will talk to each other!

As for the eject issue: In my suse10.3 I have an entry for the cdrom in my fstab and autodetection works still fine.


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