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pretorian 04-19-2009 09:48 PM

can some one tell me the answers to these questions thanks
questions for linux i need answered - fendora core linux

c++ uses ______________ to denote a single comment line.

the c lanuages _______statement allows your program to make decisions depending on whether a condition is true
or false.

the scope of a(n)____________variable in a c program is the entire program.

which of the following statements is an example of a c language preprocessor directive ?

a value passed to a fuction is called a____________

the first character in a c idintifier must be either a letter or a ____

the word ____in a fuction definition indicates that the functionn does not return its value.

the result of running a linker on the object files of a c program is called a ___file

which of the following is a c language keyword ?

the data structure used to store strings in c is a _____of characters.

after writing the source code for a c program , the next step is to run the linker.

to represent data in a c program as a character constant,you enclose the character in ______

describe the diffrence between using the c increment and deencremnet operators in either postfix or prefix form ?

definitions - answers need

a c function that opens a file -
a c function that reads a single character from a file-
a c looping statement that test for a condition after each iteration-
a c looping statement that test for a condition before each iteration -
a c looping statement that is used when you know the number of interation-

chapter 11 - gnome /ect

to configure a gnome window so that it will not display the toolbar window componet,you would uncheck the toolbar from the ____menu of the menu bar.

this gnome componet is a strip that runs across the bottom of the screen that includes a number of icons -

a window component that list the name of the window or application running in the window -

used to change the virtual desktop currently appearing in gnome -

a window componet that contains information about the window or window contents currently selected -
a window compinet that appears when a window contains more information than it can display at once -
part of the gnome pager that holds an icon for each application running in the current desktop area -

the ____applet on the gnome panel displays the day of the week and the date when you point to it with the mouse.

to shut down your system properly from the gnome desktop,use the ______ option of the gnome main menu.

a(n)______provides the specific gui appearance,software applications,and other resources that are easily acceessible to a users.

each icon on the gnome panel invoke a_____ when it is clicked .
to run an application in gnome, you can access the run application feature from the ______menu on the panel.

which of the following window componets buttons is used to collapse the windows into a small icon.

billymayday 04-19-2009 09:50 PM

Please don't expect people here to do your homework

pixellany 04-19-2009 10:03 PM

Per the LQ Rules, please do not post homework assignments verbatim. We're happy to assist if you have specific questions or have hit a stumbling point, however. Let us know what you've already tried and what references you have used (including class notes, books, and Google searches) and we'll do our best to help. Also, keep in mind that your instructor might also be an LQ member.

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