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JJBLINUX 09-18-2004 09:49 PM

Can I setup web server on Linux workstation?
Hello, I'm about to embark into the world of Linux, besides generally being interested in trying it out, my real world incentive is I want to setup a test web server.

So here I am with "RED HAT LINUX 7.3 FOR DUMMIES" which comes with CD's to setup "your Linux workstation". Before I start going through this book, I just wanted to check here, are there any web servers (preferably no $$$) that I can install once I've setup RED HAT LINUX 7.3?? I was concerned about the wording "Linux workstation", thinking that because they don't call it "Linux server" that a web server wouldn't run on it.

Sorry if this is pretty basic for you guys, as long as I know that I can do what I need with the version of Linux that it's going to have me install (and learn from), then I'll go through the book from stem to stern, and be a bit more educated the next time I come back here :)

Thanks for your assistance,

micxz 09-18-2004 10:09 PM


Yes. Just install "apache" or another FREE webserver that is included in the distro you have (Redhat).

"Workstation" or "Server" that's all terminology. Workstation computers you will have more software related to print, office, and more client applications than server applications. So the difference really is a different setup in hardware/software. A server usually does not need a soundcard and a graphic desktop for example. But if you plan on sitting in front of it these things are nice to have.

Hope this helps;

JJBLINUX 09-18-2004 10:13 PM

Great news! Thanks for your quick response, time to hit the books!


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