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Daniel N. Santiago 08-17-2006 02:45 PM

Can I Reset Xserver Library File Search Path?

Some stats on my machine:
OS: Redhat WS 3
Kernel: 2.4.21-47 ELsmp
VidCard: Nvidia Quadro FX 500
XFree86: Version 4.3.0 (Custom Build: 4.3.0-98.EL)

I recently fouled up my Xserver from what I believe may have been
an incompatible update. I was using Firefox--when I found what I thought
to be the right update, I clicked on the rpm link, a window popped open,
and I conveniently clicked on the launched button. I apologize for my
carelessness and vague details, but all I remember about the rpm was that
I did a search for something like "libc++..*5*.-...libc++...*6* and was
able to find a download quickly from a direct search. The update was
for getting an app to work (which works now).

What I do know:

Xserver does not start due to some broken links. I kept getting this:
"gnome-session:error cannot open [lib file] no such file or directory"
for the following files:

There are about 3 more, but I found them all in my /usr/kerebos/lib/

So I figured out by trial-and-error that the lib files were trying to
be found in "/lib". I thought putting some symbolic links might help,
so I did so fo each "no such file" error until Xserver launched.

Xserver/XFree86 now launches, and I get my desktop, but it hangs up in
the beginning for roughly a minute on the nvidia splash screen and
about 3 minutes on the boot window on the first icon before it loads the
desktop. Also, when I logout, it hangs on the nvidia splash screen
before revealing the logout options.

(Finally) My Question:
Is there any way to fix what I originally messed up? My software seems to
run graphically fine, but I'm afraid that my make-shift solution is not enough,
and the original problem may bite me in the future.

Thanks for any help,


Daniel N. Santiago 08-18-2006 12:45 PM

Possible Permanent-Temporary Solution
OK, so I switched to the KDE desktop, and the boot
seems normal now, so something must be configged
wrongly with gnome.

Although I can live with this, if anybody has any
suggestions on what I might do to fix the original
problem, that will be appreciated.

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