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ritturaj 08-13-2003 07:49 AM

can anyone help me! I want to leave Mr. Gates redhat 9.0 problem
I want to leave windows but I am not able to do it
i am new bie to it and Linux is really taking everything out of me

I shall be very thankful for anyone who could help me

My problem is with redhat 9.0, i have installed it on my IBM PC which is having intel 845 board and inbuilt i82845G graphics controller.

After successful installtion when i reboot the mouse get freezed and then i can't do anything and the Xserver is running at 400 something with i810 driver when i try to change it whole of the graphic is gone and then i can't do anything then

as there is no text configuration support so when there is a failure of graphic then i can't configure the X server

I did evrything i could, that too what the linux masters have written one the websites.

i changed my card to vesa generic but of no use

i checked my kernal it is there Ver 2.4.20-8

i checked my GCC it is there3.2.2

but when i try to install dripkg-1.0-4.i386.rpm or 20030425-i386.tar or i830-20030120-i386-linux[1].tar.gz it is giving error message

Error1: AGPGART not compiled
Error2: DRM not compiled and giving note that DRM may be old so restricting functionality

i even modified /etc/X11/XFree86 file to vesa
but all this in vain

i treid to increase the video memory to 64 Mb but it remained to default 16

and also mouse get freezed so i am not able to do anything but to switch to command mode and from there i can't confogure anything bšoz of lack of text configuration support

almost i did the reinstallation a about ten times
but everything failed
after installtion Xserver runs once and then crashes and next time when i boot it gives
some message like this

false values F@A0101
Horizontal Syn =none
Vertical Syn - none

and it tries again on its own but crashes

i don't know what these people have made even i can't work on it properly
and masters are saying llinux is good
i am not finding good enough i feel like crying wehn i have to switch to windows

i don't know where the problem is
can somebody try to insall redhat 9.0 on intel 845 for my sake and tell me where the bloody problem is?

I am trying it for onemonth now and i am not ablt to solve anything
plz help me tell if i had to switch redhat 8.0 or what

plz help me i don't want to go to windows anymore and linux is killing me !

as this i have to write from windows as i can't surf net on linux

Plz help anyone i shall be very grateful for any kind of help

:newbie: :confused: :cry: :scratch: :Pengy: :study::cry:

salparadise 09-14-2003 12:10 PM


i can only speak from personal experience
i've tried redhat 9 a few times
always had strange problems

mandrake on the other hand is just beautiful
and 99.9% problem free so far (8 months)

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