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ivanatora 09-21-2003 04:09 AM

Building RPM via src.Rpm
How can I build RPM if I possess the src.rpm file? I searched the man page, but didn't find the way.

aqoliveira 09-21-2003 05:59 AM


Type the following cmd rpm -Uvh "package-build.arch.rpm"


jschiwal 02-20-2006 04:29 PM

When you install a *.src.rpm, it is installed under /usr/src/redhat/ (/usr/src/packages/ on SuSE). A source tarball(s) and patches are installed in the SOURCES subdirectory, and a <package-name>.spec file is copied to the SPECS directory.

You use the rpmbuild command to build or install from source. There are different stages, and the rpmbuild options let you stop at any stage. For example, suppose you already have the package installed but you want access to the patched document source.
You could run "rpmbuild -bp <package-name>.spec" to apply the patches.

To apply the patches and build new binary and source packages, run
rpmbuild -ba <package-name>.spec

To apply the patches, compile the source, and install the package run:
rpmbuild -bi <package-name>.spec

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