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nebbus 02-11-2006 04:25 AM

Buddy pounce in kopete
Is it possible to do a buddy pounce in kopete?

I want to write a message that will be sent to one of my buddies when he comes online. I have searched google and found a "solution" on the kopete page

But the script is no longer there?

Is there any other way? A plug in? Or is this a feature I just dont find in Kopete?


duffmckagan 02-11-2006 05:21 AM

What exactly does Buddy Pounce mean?

duffmckagan 02-11-2006 05:26 AM

Ok. I tried to get the meaning from GAIM. (I use GAIM)

I think Kopete automatically gives you the Pounce, when a Buddy comes online...isn't it?

nebbus 02-11-2006 05:42 AM

From Gaim FAQ:


What is a "Buddy Pounce"?

Gaim introduced buddy pounces a few releases before AOL came out with "Buddy Alerts." Despite this though, you could think of a buddy pounce as an Alert and get an idea of the most minimal uses of a buddy pounce. In reality, a buddy pounce is much like a macro, or a recorded action. When you set a pounce on someone, you choose from a number of events, such as sign on or someone going away, and then you choose from a number of actions. These actions include everything from playing a sound (like an Alert would do) to sending a message to the person, to executing a command. This action will occur the next time gaim detects the event, ie the next time the person in your buddy list who you have pounced signs on.
I want to send a message to my buddy when he/she comes online, a message written when he/she was offline. The message should be sent even if I am away from my computer. I get a notification when the user comes online, but I can not automaticaly send a message.

I am aware that I could do this in Gaim, but I don't want to switch client just for this feature, as I am very pleased with Kopete.

The Kopete page I linked to in my previous post talks of a script that would do just this, but the script is no longer there. Does anybody have this script, and could you please post it? Or is there any other way?


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