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aymbpc 09-01-2003 06:25 PM

browsing files and viewing movies
I have created a user for linux OS. Now i myself am the root also.
Say i login as the user.Then at command prompt i type su and get into the root.
Is it possible to use visual tools to browse through the files and use Keditor to make changes to grub.conf file.
because right now i can do it only from command shell
Also i would like to know if i have to view a movie how can i do it.What do i need to download and how can i configure.
Thank you

quatsch 09-01-2003 06:29 PM

you can start konqueror from the command line with
and keditor with
just type them as root.

Edit: What is your distribution? might make a difference to your second question

MadMonkey 09-01-2003 07:37 PM

you don't want to use kde or gnome or anything? those have built in gui apps for everything. if you don't want to use X windows, i would suggest mc (midnight commander) for file browsing, lynx for web browsing, and there are lots of apps for editing. for that kind of thing my favorite command-line one is emacs.

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