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rabby 02-28-2006 04:43 PM

Brother printer + cups -> nothing
after emerging cups and running the server i tried to add my printer to cups but anyway i looks like it does not know the company brother or why does it not have any entry for brother (hl-1250)?
looking to the support site of my printer let me find a rpm which is useless on my gentoo system.
so, how to install/add my printer that is connected through the parallel port?
thank you

comprookie2000 02-28-2006 05:08 PM

Make sure cups and ppds is in your use flags and then
emerge ghostscript-esp
then restart cups
etc/init.d/cupsd restart
then go to http://localhost:631 log in as root
Does it show up now?
if it does work
rc-update add cupsd default
your driver is suppose to be in the ghostscript package from 6.10 on
emerge search ghostscript
shows version 7.07
What happens?

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