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halobungie 08-12-2003 04:36 PM

Bowsing Hard Disks
I have windows and Mandrake installed (I'm new to linux.). I can't seem to browse all my hard drives, only the one linux is on. What it the address line (like c:/program files)

joeface 08-12-2003 09:40 PM

get a terminal up and type:

su - root

...and enter your root password.

then type:

df -h

that will tell you what filesystems are currently mounted.

to use a drive or a filesystem in linux (or unix) it has to be "mounted"...which means it needs to be recognized, placed into a part of the system's file and directory hierarchy, and prepared for use.

Mandrake usually puts windows filesystems in the /mnt directory, so if you run df -h you should see something like "win_c", or "windows" listed. If it shows up, it's mounted, and you can just

cd /mnt/windows (or /mnt/win_c, etc...)

If it doesn't show up in your df output, read on.

windows partitions are recognized by linux as "just another part of my filesystem". they aren't the top-level C:\ or D:\ drive like they are under windows. for that reason, you can put your windows partition pretty much wherever you want on your linux system. like i mentioned above, mandrake usually wants them in /mnt, so first, do this:

cd /mnt

ls -l

and you may see your "win_c" or "windows" directory listed. that means that Mandrake knows about it, but it's just not mounted yet. to mount it, type:

mount windows (or, win_c, etc...)

then try running "df -h" again to see if it's listed...

if it's listed, you can just cd into the directory and browse to your heart's content.

if the mount fails, then you'll have to add the drive device, filesystem type, and mount point to /etc/fstab. that's a topic for another time. try this first, and if it fails, reply and we'll look into it further. (i'm big on trying small things first and getting into the more complicated stuff later).



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