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Jaiisun 03-28-2008 04:29 AM

Booting Knoppix 5.1.1 from USB - 'Could not find kernel image: Linux'
Hello theree!

Well, in short, I have a new computer.
And I wanted to put my old hard drive into it so I don't lose any of my stuff.
I thought this would be straight forward, and changed them over, but it basically didn't work. (If you must know, I kept getting the "safe mode", "last known good configuration" menu and upon choosing any option, it would reboot and go back to that menu.)

Anyway, a friend told me he had the same problem and solved it by running USB Knoppix 5.1.1 from his USB Stick. He gave me the link to the following tutorial:

I followed this tutorial and did everything it said, but, upon booting, I receive the following message:

"SYSLINUX 3.51 2007-06-10 CBIOS Copyright 1994-2007 H. Peter Anvin
Could not find kernel image: linux
boot: _"

Anybody have the slightest idea to do?
I'll try ANYTHING!

Please help soon!

BobNutfield 03-28-2008 04:36 AM

That seems like going the long way around. Knoppix was and is a LiveCD distro. You can download the ISO for Knoppix and burn it to a CD and run it directly from the CD. Just make sure your bios is set to boot from cd.

Hope that helps


Jaiisun 03-28-2008 04:47 AM

Okay, I downloaded the ISO, which is like a 700MB file, am i right?

Could you run me through exactly what to do, please?
Sorry, i'm really new at this.


BobNutfield 03-28-2008 05:17 AM

OK, simply use you burning software (Nero, etc.) to burn the ISO image to the CD. Just make sure that you are burning AN IMAGE, and not just copying the files to the cd. There will be an option to do this in the Tools drop down. Burning the image is just as straight-forward as copying the files. But burn the IMAGE.

Then, simply put the cd in your drive and make sure the BIOS (usually you get there by pressing F2 or Delete, etc. at the very beginning of turning on the computer) is set to boot the CD drive FIRST. I don't know your BIOS, but simply navigating you will see how to do this. Save the settings, exit the BIOS and the CD should boot you into Knoppix.

Hope this helps


Jaiisun 03-28-2008 05:23 AM

Okay, got all that.

Except, do I simply burn just the image?
It's just that when I followed the USB Tutorial (link in first post), it needed me to download fixkp.bat and makeboot.bat


BobNutfield 03-28-2008 05:25 AM

No. You do not need any of that. That is all Windows related. If you just burn the image as is, that is all your need.


Jaiisun 03-28-2008 06:33 AM

Hi again,

Upon downloading Nero and burning the ISO file to disk, I set BIOS to boot from the CD Drive, but still, I just get the 'safe mode' menu, choose an option and get rebooted, then back to the menu.

It seems like it isn't booting from the disk, i guess.

Any more ideas?

Thanks alot,


I realised, I went against what Bob said and didn't burn an image; so, upon burning the image, it runs perfect on my computer.

Now, I would like to know if anybody can help me repair windows.
I need to do that because I am using my old hard drive in my new computer.

Can anybody help, please?


BobNutfield 03-29-2008 06:32 AM

Sorry didn't get back to you earlier, been out for a day. But, if what you are trying to do is set your new computer up with data from your old hard drive, I believe Windows includes software within the system itself for that. You can do a direct cable transfer using usb. If you have vista, it will be located in the system menus.

The reason your old hard drive is booting you into safe mode is because the current windows installations doesn't recognize the new hardware and sees it as a hardware failure.

Search the net. Instructions for what you want to do can easily be found.


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