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Lambda_Core 02-13-2006 10:52 AM

Boot up problems

I have a dual boot of FC3 and Win XP, and i'm encountering strange problems, firstly XP starts to reboot for unknown reasons, this happens during XP's loading screen (with the scrolling status bar). XP claims it's due to a powerfailure (*shrugs*).

But if it is a powerfailure, FC3 works fine, it boots and starts up flawlessly and no problems henceforth.

I do have some powersupply issues, but they only seem to affect XP and not FC3.

I am using GRUB as my bootloader, are there some errors in the bootloading? (and yes i have set GRUB to boot XP by default, sorry.)

Any, insight would be appreciated.


bulliver 02-13-2006 02:50 PM

Well, if FC is booting fine I think we can assume this is a Windows only problem.

I don't use Windows so this may be useless advice. Does it boot at all, or just continuous reboot cycle? Is there no way to start it in 'safe mode' for troubleshooting?

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