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dbhobby 11-24-2004 12:48 PM

Boot Fluxbox Instead of Gnome and now nothing
Today, i sucessfully installed debian, i installed xdm and fluxbox perfectly! then arose a problem

i like galeon.. so i did a aptitude install galeon
it went through and galeon worked perfectly
then i restarted
when i restarted... gnome loaded up.... it loaded up as root too

i tried to do some researching and i tried to add .xsession and .initrc files to my user home and root dir that had the command

exec /usr/bin/fluxbox

i did that and now my root loads to fluxbox but my user doesnt

when i try to logon as my user... the screen blanks out and xdm (the one i am using) just shows up again asking for login again....

anyone know how i could get my user to be able to boot default with fluxbox and solve this pesky problem? i am willing to bet its just some simple thing that i still do not know about
still learning :-)


Genesee 11-24-2004 02:45 PM

section 10.4 may be helpful:

dbhobby 11-25-2004 01:22 AM

thanks for the reading

i tried that but for somereason i didnt have that file in that location.. lol i just gave up

soooooo i just reinstalled again... didnt take that long
why do ppl say its so hard to install debian anyways? ive done it tons of times with no probs at all (still newb here)...


Genesee 11-25-2004 01:40 AM

lol... no prob :cool:

make sure to check for lots of good documentation. I've read some on Debian's recent work on its installer, it sounds like they've come a long ways.

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