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KyubiVal 05-02-2012 08:04 AM

Black Screen when installing Ubuntu 12.04 from CD
Hi, so i have this Black Screen problem(very similar with the windows one that i also got)
I try to install the new ubuntu from cd, but after the starting menu where i have to choose if to try ubuntu from cd or install it, nothing works, i choose something in this between the 2 options, and after a brief screen with the ubuntu writing in center and the white dots loading, my screen becomes black and nothing happens after that. The green light of the monitor is pulsating as if it was in standby or something, but the sounds of the pc is like the components are working.
I also tried the memtest from this menu, but during the test it happens again, afters 1-2 minutes of the memtest the screen becomes black again. I thought maybe it's something with the ram, i have 2 pieces of 2gb ddr2 ram. I tried to put out one, then another, then i changed the slots between them, but the problem remains. I already have the ubuntu 10.10 that works fine, but as an information, if it can help in some way, i also have windows 7 and even with windows i get this problem sometimes. If windows crashes sometimes and i have to do a forced restart, after the menu to choose if boot in safe mode or normally sometimes i get also the same black screen, and i have to do the forced restart many times before it works.

What should i do to fix this annoying problem?! Help me please, i would be grateful to find some tips here. Thanks.

ukiuki 05-02-2012 08:29 AM

It is hard to say what really is going on, the 1st comes in my mind is maybe the video card have some issues, in the best case maybe the system is too heavy for it and so it crashes. Ubuntu and Win7 are both heavy systems that demand somewhat powerful hardware. Have you tried a lightweight system? What video card do you have? And what about processor and other hardware aspect? Try some lightweight distros that would be a good idea to try out, run them as live session and if everything goes fine then that is the way.

Now if you like to have your own custom installation go with Debian do minimal install and built up from there that is another way to have a lightweight system.


KyubiVal 05-02-2012 08:42 AM

Well the problem is recent and i already used for years the same hardware without these problems. I have an intel viiv processor (dual core 1,86ghz), and ATI Radeon 3800 series video card. I use win7 for 2 years already and ubuntu for longer than that, the black screen started to appear only recently like 3-4 months, only on windows, but now that i want to install the new linux it happens even with it and i can't install it :(

ukiuki 05-02-2012 09:22 AM

Have you tried a lightweight system? What about hardware maintenance, when was the last time you look at your video card to see if the fan is spinning freely? Is there dust blocking the fan maybe?


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