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verse123 10-28-2011 10:29 PM

bioperl GD modules
Hi guys,

I am trying to install bioperl and I need a GD module but I keep receiving this error.


cpan > install GD::Polyline
Running install for module 'GD'
Running make for L/LD/LDS/GD-2.46.tar.gz
Has already been unwrapped into directory /var/root/.cpan/build/GD-2.46-kFVIZL
'/usr/bin/perl Makefile.PL' returned status 512, won't make
Running make test
Make had some problems, won't test
Running make install
Make had some problems, won't install

Does anyone know why this is occurring?

Tinkster 10-28-2011 11:05 PM

The logfile under /var/root/.cpan/build/GD-2.46-kFVIZL might give
you some indication?


verse123 10-29-2011 11:52 AM

The only thing I see here is the change log and it just tells me the updates for each version

Tinkster 10-29-2011 02:07 PM

Try running make there manually then, and pipe its output to a log ...

verse123 10-29-2011 09:59 PM

So apparently I am missing libgd

Could not find gdlib-config in the search path. Please install libgd 2.0.28 or higher.

Does anyone know where to find this?

Tinkster 10-30-2011 12:13 PM

Googling for download libgd suggests (oddly?) as
a starting point ... what distro are you running, btw?

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