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HKJGN 02-14-2005 07:55 PM

Big project for small N00b
hello again, ive only asked a couple questions on here but theres always been a project im doing that involves linux:

im trying to build a beowulf cluster ~_~....

it sounds bad but really ive come very close to getting it done, outdated compilers kept me from finishing what was gonna be a fantastic project, but im not done yet. id still like to ask a few questions that maybe some of you can help me...

1. will i have to compile applications i run in linux to support a parallel processing environment? if so, what is a good source for that kind of info.
2. is there any structured/or detailed information on beowulfing with slackware 10?
3. should i set up the head node as a router? or let the router and switch do the job for me?
4. whats an easy way to get some OTS Pcs? without spending a whole lot of money?
5. how can i estimate the performance my beowulf is going to run at *its converted speed, memory size, etc.* there any programs i can use with the head node or maybe my desktop PC that will allow me to see the status of all nodes on the beowulf?

7. any and all useful information pertaining to beowulfing, as well as any recorded information of your own experience on the matter, some words on paper would be good, i have learned a great deal of information previously absorbing mounds of tutorials and linux books, but i havent had these questions answered. if anyone can help me, thnks

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