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Helptek 12-08-2009 08:18 AM

Bfd logs to remote syslog-ng server
Good evening

I have an issue that I need your opinion.

I have apf + bfd installed in my server. Currently I'm sending all logs ( syslog ) to a remote logging server ( syslog-ng )

However I've checked , that some information is not being captured, I guess.

In fact if I have a look in bfd_log on local server, those Ips blocked are not listed in remote logging server. All info generated to bfd_log and apf_log is not being received by log server,

Probably BFD and APF logs ( excepting TCP DROP ) are not being captured by syslog in local machine or syslog can't send it to my remote logging machine.

I've checked in conf.bfd some log settings and I have this:


# syslog kernel log path

# syslog auth log path

# bfd application log path

# log all events to syslog [0 = off; 1 = on]

# log file path for syslog logging

Syslog support appears to be up. BFD version is 1.2
I have this issue in other machines with bfd installed with version 0.9 which can't find in conf.bfd the option "OUTPUT_SYSLOG".

My syslog.conf only contains this change:

*.debug @xx.xx.xx.xx

Have you already been reported about this issue?

Best Regards


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