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the_styler 04-03-2003 01:45 PM

Better looking VIM?
I know the windows-version of vim, which I like very much. Since I'm now trying to work (C++) under Linux I wanted to use it as well under Linux. But when I typed "vim" in the konsole, I get an ugly, unergonomic command line version of the mighty Vim. Isn't there an equally comfortable version under Linux?
I'm using RedHat 8.0 and my Packed-Manager tells me that "vim-enhanced" is installed.

thanx a lot,

bulliver 04-03-2003 03:45 PM

I think what you're looking for is the gui version of vim. I cannot recall what the command is from the cli but I think that redhat has it included in the start menu under editors or something.

Tinkster 04-03-2003 03:51 PM

If it's vim (not vi, or Elvis) that's installed,
try typing gvim ;)


the_styler 04-04-2003 06:43 AM

Thanx for your advice guys!
Unfortunately typing "gvim" returns "command not found". Does that mean that GVim is not installed? Do I have to download it?

Thanks again,

NSKL 04-04-2003 01:43 PM

gvim is the gui version of vim, it usually gets installed by default, it's starnge it tells you it's not. When you install gvim, you can further enhance it with "cream for vim" (a google search should get you there) to get some more inetersting functionality.
In my oppinion however, it is much better and faster to use text-based, command line, VIM. It is the way it should be! ;)

Jane Delawney 04-04-2003 08:29 PM

Maybe it's installed, but not in your path. try typing 'whereis gvim' at CLI - obviously without the quotes - if it gives you a path (actually I don't seem to have it, no response to the command (& I really like vim anyway :) ), but ymmv) then type that path eg. /usr/etc/gvim or whatever your shell returns - if still no joy ie. if it's there but you get 'can't open' error, check the permissions on the app:

ls - l /whatever/the/path/is

if it's only executable by root you need to change permissions (as root) before you can use it (as user) eg su then chmod 755 /whatever/your/path/is/to/gvim

Hope this is of some help


PS If none of this works and you really long for a GUI text editor you could always try calling xemacs instead (pax! pax!) :)

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