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briankk 09-17-2015 03:48 PM

Best tablet for open SUSE 13.2?
I've been running open SUSE 13.2 on a Toshiba 500 series laptop, am quite satisfied with it.

Recently, I had to evacuate due to a forest fire (the Butte fire), had to leave the laptop in my car as it's not portable enough to go to the shelter.
devices in use there were the iPhone and iPad, the 'phone too small to be useful, the iPad about the right size. Since I don't much want to be confined to the Apple reservation, I was hoping to find a PC based tablet of about that size to run 13.2 on, have tentatively settled on a MS Surface pro 2, but have no experience with it. Any opinions or suggestions for better tablet for the application would be appreciated..


jefro 09-18-2015 06:11 PM

Hello and welcome to LQ.
Bummer. My area had a large fire a few years ago. People at work lost entire house and everything in it. Lucky for me I have a fireproof safe.

Linux isn't that great on a tablet but for that matter neither is windows 10 in some ways. I get the feeling there were a few tricks for Surface. It is a good tablet but I might be tempted to run something cheaper like an HP stream. The hp had a bios on screen keyboard. It is really a simple computer atom based.

Another idea may be to get a convertible?

Tablets are even more of a compromise than a laptop so you have to expect some issues.

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