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jMack 01-20-2003 02:07 PM

Best Distro and WM for 200mHz laptop?

I currently have a dual-boot RH8.0 / Win98 system working smoothly. My goal is to get into webhosting using Linux.

For the moment, the only other PC I have available is a Fujitsu 200mHz 2GigHD, 80mb RAM Laptop. I've also got a small 4-port switching hub.

Since I'm too much of a gamer, I don't keep my Linux up and running on my main machine 24/7. Besides, the wife needs her Sims game to stay happy :)

I'm just a few bits-o-hardware short of making a 1.4Ghz server, but in the meantime I wanted to mess around w/ apache and learn a thing or two. The laptop goes unused, so why not plug it in and give it a shot.

FINALLY. Questions:
1. Which distro should I use on this laptop?
I hear that Slackware is a good choice. A while back I tried Suse7.2, back when I was a little noob-ling on the laptop, and w/ KDE it was slower than Win98.

2.a. Which GUI should I use?
I'm still a newbie to Linux, but I've learned enough to know that something like Blackbox might do the trick, since GNOME and KDE are a bit big. I might just go w/ a text-based system, but I'd like a little GUI.

2.b. If I want to use Blackbox, is it something I can pick from at install? Or would I have to load it on afterwards?
I've not done much installing of 3rd party software, and I'm not sure if this would be considered as such or not.

Sorry for the long thread; although I've seen plenty longer here! Thanks for any help/advice!


yngwin 01-20-2003 02:32 PM

1) Any distro should do, but Slackware and Debian are good choices.

2a) As you want to fiddle with it, I would install a light wm too. The boxes are good (black/flux/openbox) or IceWM or waimea. Eventually you want to do away with guis and X on the server and use webmin for remote administration from your workstation.

2b) If you choose Debian you certainly will have ready packages for fluxbox and blackbox. Openbox is not yet in stable.

jMack 01-21-2003 07:00 AM

Thanks for your input.

I had my RH8.0 disks handy, so I loaded it onto the laptop last nite. I didn't load-up either KDE or GNOME, and ended up using a WindowManager. It should do the trick, and the speed isn't too bad either.

I didn't realize that RH had a text-mode for install....nice, in cases like mine.

thanks again!

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