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xor3 08-16-2003 06:57 AM

.bashrc vs .bash_profile
I am looking at both .bashrc and .bash_profile in order to add some things to my path. What is the difference between them? Is it preferable to use one over the other for certain situations?

I was also looking at the universal profile too (I'm adding java to my path if it makes a difference), I'm the only user on my computer, but I may well want root to have access to the same things I do. I was just a bit scared to change the universal profile because what is there already is doing some checking via if statements before adding bits to the path. I don't quite understand yet what is going on well enough to do that kind of checking. I guess it's checking to see if certain files or directories exist before adding them to the path.

Can anyone advise me on the above?

Looking_Lost 08-16-2003 01:52 PM

If you want root to have access too just put it in /etc/profile on a line of it's own, just don't delete anything that's already in it and you can't go far wrong


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