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statmobile 02-04-2004 08:29 PM

.bashrc or .bash_profile?
I have a slight understanding that these files are where we can set a lot of the options in bash. For instance, adding new paths, prompt setup, etc. My question for you guys is, what the heck is the proper way to deal with them. On my RedHat 9 machine, I put the changes in .bash_profile. On my department's Debian machine, I need to put it into .bashrc. Is this distro dependent? Is there a "proper" way for setting personal aliases, etc.?

TBC Cosmo 02-04-2004 09:08 PM

Set env variables in .bash_profile and aliases and prompt customization in .bashrc. In RH .bashrc is sourced from .bash_profile, which in turn gets called by /etc/profile on each user login. Only .bashrc runs each time you open a term. .bash_profile runs once. It should be the same in deb.

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