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jimlg 11-08-2003 06:38 AM

Baisc GUI type server suggestions (Alternative to ESmith)
I have a slow PIII Machine (about 350Mhz. And I'm considering setting up a Linux server (preferably with a reliable GUI) for SHO Use, It'll be performing FTP, POP3 & web mail serving, also file sharing to windows systems. And I'll want to Anti-virus protect it too, on the cheap.

In the past I have played about with eSmith (Now distributed by Mitel for serious money, I think ((with an antivirus option) ( I liked the basic user interface of eSmith, and wonder if there is a similar distro for a small-ish payment.
Other beginner level distros which I know a little about are Red Hat & Mandrake, so again guys your knowledge is appreciated re: which current distro to use, considering my inexperience?

TIA: Jim

PS Is there a more suitable forum to ask this question in?

kasperhans 11-08-2003 10:14 AM have a look at this site there you will sure find something for your needs :)

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