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OrganicOrange84 09-04-2004 01:06 AM

bad signatures
Hi! A while back I installed Mandrake 10 for the first time and loved it. I wanted to experiment with dual booting, so I attempted to also install redhat on another partion. Well, I messed it up by allowing it to write over the mbr, yada yada, so in order to get back to mandrake, I just totally reinstalled Mandrake and got rid of all old redhat partitions. Well, problem is that now, whenever I want to install an rpm file (or at least most the time) it tells me that "the following packages have bad signatures..... do you want to continue?" I say yes, and the programs work fine, but I just wanted to know why it does that. It didn't do it before with my first install of Mandrake, but now for some reason it does..... could anyone tell me the reason? Do I have to reinstall mandrake and wipe all the partions with fdisk to fix it? Before I just let mandrake autopartition since it gave me that option. The only thing I can think of is maybe the partition didn't format all theway or something.... but that seems quite farfetched. I don't know. I'm really new, so sorry.

bruno buys 09-04-2004 01:14 AM

Reinstalling won't help you getting rid of this signature issue. It isn't related.
Instead, use the rpm option --nosignature.

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