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sundry_50 02-03-2005 12:46 PM

Bad font in GUI & Konkerer-OK in Moz & others
Font in desktop login and GUI screens, Konqueror menus, Google menus & gg prompts appear as squares. Mozilla, gg search results, open office, command line, vi are OK.
Everything is beautiful. Debian installed from Knoppix 3.3.
Machine is P75 desktop, 8G hd, 192M 72 pin ram, Diamond Stealth Mach64 (1024k mem), 2 button PS2 mouse, kybd=105 per knoppix (104 per Debian), no other OS installed.
Have done apt-get.
Have tried several servers: mach64, s3, s3v with same results. Knoppix is using ati but Debian isn't offering that option.
Been struggling for 3 weeks. Wife is begining to throw darts at the moron in the corner.

teckk 02-04-2005 11:54 PM

I don't know if this helps but in KDE's control center you can change the fonts for desktop items. I assume you use KDE since you mentioned konqueror.

You might also check if you got the font you want to use installed. I suppose that it could be a video driver problem also. Got the correct vid driver for your adapter?

sundry_50 02-06-2005 07:16 AM

Thanks for the help! After keeping notes on icons and menus I guessed the correct route to the control center even though the language was german. I'm writing this in Konqueror. All is well. Thanks again teckk :)

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