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Lotharster 06-08-2006 01:20 PM

backup with tar: which options?
I want to backup my whole system (debian sarge) using tar archives. As far as I know, I can just backup my data using

tar cfzvp bootbackup.tar.gz /boot
to backup my whole boot folder. System folders like /proc or /sys, as well as /tmp, need not be backed up. I will also backup my master boot record and partition table. (I'll do all this backup stuff using a live CD, not on a running system)

However, I'm not perfectly sure how tar handles symbolic links. If I understabd the man page correctly, it normally just archives a link which poits to the original file. That should be OK when I archive the entire disk, right?

Will this approach allow me to fully restore my system later on?



Tinkster 06-08-2006 01:32 PM

-p only impacts EXTRACTION, -v slows the process down by outputting
archived files to stdout, other than that you'll be fine :}

And you should get in the habit of checking the order of options,
just in case you ever have two that take an argument. ;}

tar czf bootbackup.tar.gz /boot
is a good starter.


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