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nwl1515 10-13-2007 02:09 PM

Back to PS3 system
I have installed YDL on my PS3, and now I want to get back to the PS3 system, but how? I have tryed to hold down the PS bottom, but it don't work??

Skypirate37 10-13-2007 03:15 PM

I have a ps3 with ydl, so I got you covered. turn the ps3 off fisrt. make sure all you have is the red light in the front. THEN hit the power button like you normally do, except keep holding it. It will beep once like it always does, then after five or 6 seconds it will beep again and boot into gameOS.

Drax946 10-16-2007 02:59 PM

I don't have a PS3, but from the YDL 5.0.2 manual:


Returning to the GameOS
Your PS3 will now boot to YDL each time it powers on unless you command
kboot (the bootloader) to again boot the GameOS (see BOOTING GAMEOS,
To return to the GameOS, at the kboot prompt, enter:
boot-game-os [ENTER]
The PLAYSTATION®3 may be forced to return to the GameOS by holding the
power button for about 5 seconds at power on. Doing this resets your PS3 to
factory default. To return to Yellow Dog Linux, you will need to perform steps
6 and 7, above.
and 6 & 7 above are:

6. You must now select "Other OS" in order to install YDL:
Settings ==> System Settings ==> Default System ==> Other OS
7. When prompted to boot Other OS, select "Yes".
My guess here is since you already have YDL installed it is not looking to re-install it, just boot from what is already there.

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